4 Key Strategies for Client Retention

Repeat clients are the lifeblood of any business, and with  customer and brand loyalty fleeting today, they’re even more important - and even more difficult to secure.

Relationships are based on trust, respect, and effective communication. Properly nurtured, loyal clients can become the foundation of your business and ensure sustainable profitability. Handled badly, clients will quickly move on, causing revenue loss and reputational damage.

Catering to clients - 4 ways to mitigate customer churn

Don’t sacrifice old clients for new ones

In the rush to grab new business, it’s easy to overlook existing clients. Especially in today’s competitive work environment . But the key to your organization’s success lies in servicing the clients you have, before trying to impress the ones you want. 

Don’t let your ongoing client relationships sour because you’re always chasing the next big account. Providing value to your loyal clients ensures organic growth as they become repeat business and contribute to your word-of-mouth marketing. One of the ways you can do this is to ensure that client preferences are enshrined in a CRM tool and everyone who touches the client account has access to and updates your CRM on a regular basis.

2. Pay Just as Much Attention to “Small” Clients as “Big” Ones

Another common pitfall is mismanaging a large portfolio in such a way that you neglect your low maintenance clients. If your team is constantly putting out fires, they have less time to devote to individual clients.

A lot can fall through the cracks in an unproductive and inefficient organization. Clients aren’t stupid, they know when they’re not getting your full attention and will happily take their business to a company that offers more value.

3. Encourage greater uptake of tech tools

Despite the sheer volume of technology solutions available these days, so many businesses   are uncomfortable with technology, but it’s well worth taking the time to train those who are falling behind. Digital tools can transform how your teams  work, offering greater efficiency and time management, and streamlining processes overall. 

Using a centralized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, for example, helps employees stay on top of their accounts - giving them an easily accessible interface from which they can view client activity, communications, documents, and more. Use a tool that can give you full visibility into CRM use by your employees, such as Prodoscore. If you’re seeing that certain employees aren’t using it, you can offer them training and coaching.  

Employee productivity monitoring software can also help, giving managers and teams a way to ensure everyone is using their tech toolkit effectively and identifying any obstacles or areas of improvement.

4. Streamline project management

Corporate clients have many different needs. Recording these in a CRM and/or project management platform can help everyone in the department stay on top of the client’s requirements and fulfill them without unnecessary delays.

Time is money for these clients, and they want fast, thorough, professional service. Using a CRM and project manager to enhance your workflow gives you the flexibility to prioritize urgent action items while providing the structure you need for transparent oversight.

How Prodoscore can help

Our employee productivity monitoring solution, Prodoscore, offers managers visibility into how their teams are engaged each day The software monitors each user’s activity across a business's core productivity tools, creating a single productivity score for each employee.

The integrated dashboard allows team leaders to monitor tool adoption, assess individual performance, see opportunities for more efficient workflows in real-time, streamline daily activities, and more.

Book a demonstration today to see how this market-leading product can help you attract and retain clients the old-fashioned way - with exceptional performance and quality service.

How will visibility impact your business?