Improving Worker Accountability and Lead Gen: CloudCodes Case Study

CloudCodes provides Cloud Access Security Broker and Cloud Security Gateway solutions for various cloud applications such as G Suite, O365, Salesforce, Zoho, freshDesk, Zendesk, Slack and others through its products gControl and SSO1.

CloudCodes has several hundred customers across the world who are leveraging their solutions as a cloud firewall to protect the cloud applications from unauthorized access.

I sat down with Debasish Pramanik, CloudCodes’ CEO, on how his company has benefited from using Prodoscore after his team joined Prodoscore’s early adopter program.


Struggling with Remote Workers

Prodoscore caught Pramanik’s attention because of its simplicity.

“It’s not a complex solution,” Pramanik said. “It was easy to learn and to roll out to the team.”

Prodoscore measures employee productivity by turning it into a single number, and a single G Suite admin can quickly push it out to the entire team. The insight into his team’s workflows was what made the app a must try, though.

“This is a good thing for us. We all work remotely and only meet once a week, with team members joining from hangouts, so it’s very difficult to know how individuals are working and what’s going on.”

“It’s hard to parse out what the problems are when they arise. I’m only CC’d on some emails and can only get a limited idea of what employees are doing. It’s a nightmare to know something isn’t working, but not being able to see why.”

The spreadsheets, CC’d emails, and CRM didn’t show enough data to pinpoint where issues were, but since Prodoscore integrated all of those sources together and gave a complete picture, Pramanik was able to get insights into his team and how they were working.

Improving Worker Accountability

Thanks to Prodoscore’s in-depth reporting and simple graphs, Pramanik could finally see where the issues were with his team.

“I got to know exactly what they doing with their work hours and could see who was performing well and who was doing poorly and try and help those who needed it to do more follow-ups.”

Pramanik even realized that some of the team members were not working out as expected and needed to be taken o of the team.

The increased accountability has led to a stronger team.

“I’ve seen faster responses to customers and more campaigns. Before the best workers would be doing a lot and others wouldn’t, but now we’re sharing best work practices.”

His team’s Prodoscores have been improving and now everyone exceeds average productivity each day.

The extra focus has paid of in a 20% increase in lead gen for the team. Now checking Prodoscore is a permanent part of each employee’s morning routine.


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