Podcast: How Do You Fight Against Free Services in the New Google Voice Era

Crisantos Hajibrahim, Chief Product Evangelist of Prodoscore.com recently sat down with Dave Gilbert, Chief Product Evangelist of Cloud Communication Alliance, on the Telecom Reseller podcast to discuss how Google Voice is "the new monster that might devour UC whole."

Listen as Hajibrahim and Gilbert share how they think Google will approach the market in the disruptive way Google has approached other markets: free at the point of entry.

Hajibrahim wonders if Google Voice poses a real market share threat to companies that rely on the traditional SMB UC market. He thinks that service companies offering the “human element,” value-added services and customized customer care, will find an opportunity in the new market landscape. If service companies pursue a strategy of offering sticky offerings, they can build customer loyalty and avoid the drive to the price bottom.

Listen to the podcast below or on the Telecom Reseller site.