Vonage: Driving Productivity and Sales through Digital Transformation with Prodoscore

Below is an excerpt from the Vonage case study published by Google. Read the full case study here.

By connecting G Suite with Salesforce, Prodoscore, and its own unified communications platform, Vonage has improved sales practices, productivity, and internal collaboration among employees, while enhancing engagement with customers for deeper relationships and optimized B2B sales.

The case for Prodoscore

As adoption of G Suite progressed, company executives wanted to help ensure employees were realizing the full value from the available cloud tools, including, DocsSheetsSlidesHangouts Meet, and Drive.

"We sensed that G Suite use could be accelerated but we needed to better visualize what tools teams were using to collaborate across the organization," explains Kevin Thomsen, National VP Strategic Partners at Vonage.

The underlying questions about software adoption were central to Vonage's decision to introduce Prodoscore – a powerful tool that helps businesses visualize and measure how teams are adopting cloud-based tools. Since Prodoscore is fully integrated with G Suite out of the box, managers can quickly gain visibility into employee activities such as how often they create and store documents in Drive, and how many emails they send through Gmail. Prodoscore enables businesses to set their own parameters for productivity and for measuring performance on a daily basis. The combination of G Suite, Salesforce, and VBC enabled Vonage to provide a unique cloud-based solution that integrates seamlessly with Prodoscore — all with very little deployment effort.

20 percent increase in productivity

Crisantos Hajibrahim, Chief Evangelist at Prodoscore, explained how Prodoscore became a core sales management tool at Vonage. "A group of sales managers at Vonage initially deployed Prodoscore across G Suite, Salesforce, and VBC as a pilot to visualize and analyze the data from all three cloud-based applications in a single dashboard," he explains. "This enabled them to establish a baseline of productivity. The managers then coached their sales reps on the value of Prodoscore and how it fostered engagement and productivity across the cloud applications. Team productivity jumped 20 percent because the sales team now had a clear view of the applications that drove productivity and where to focus their activity."

While Prodoscore measures productivity, G Suite provides the cloud foundation to kick start an organization's digital transformation. Beyond the initial surge in productivity, the Vonage team soon identified areas of opportunity to further drive team productivity. Prodoscore provided managers, for the first time ever, with insight that some team members were not taking full advantage of the cloud-based applications provided by the company.

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