Vonage's Productivity Boost from Prodoscore Featured on Light Reading

Vonage's 20% productivity gain from onboarding Prodoscore has been featured on Light Reading, an independent B2B digital media platform that provides daily news, analysis and insight for the global communications networking and services industry.

Executive Editor, Mitch Wagner, covers how Prodoscore helps Vonage reps discover the daily activities that lead to increased revenue.

Below is an excerpt from the article. You can read the full article here.

Vonage Boosts Sales Productivity With AI Assist

Vonage says it's boosted productivity for its salespeople by 20% using artificial intelligence, blending its own Vonage Business Cloud with Google G Suite, Salesforce and employee productivity measurement tool Prodoscore. Vonage is now offering the technology it uses in-house to its business customers.

On the surface, sales productivity is easy to measure -- revenue. Whichever salesperson sells the most is most productive and coffee is for closers. But how do you increase sales productivity, encouraging activities that lead to revenue?

That was the question faced by Vonage. The company was founded in 2001 as a pioneer in consumer VoIP telephony, and now offers a suite of business communications and collaborations services, based on a single, microservices software platform. It has offices around the world, more than 2,200 employees, more than 100,000 business customers and brought in $1.05 billion in revenue last year.

Vonage's technology measures the behavior salespeople use that drives sales. "There are key activity metrics that our most successful reps would do over and over again that get you the most sales," Greg Fiddes, Vonage VP of business development, tells Light Reading. A big part of that metric is language -- what words lead to increased sales. Time of day also matters. "At what time of day is it best to make the calls, what are the best words to say on those calls," he says.

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