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Mike Sickle, President

Company Overview

Dynamic Networks Advisors (DNA) is the preferred technology consultancy specializing in the healthcare vertical for providers, payers and life science clients using voice, connectivity, cloud and cybersecurity for enterprise size businesses both nationally and globally. Founded in 2007, DNA is one of the most awarded solution providers in the industry with access to over 200+ solution providers to provide customers the best solutions for their technology needs.

DNA is a user of Prodoscore as well as a reseller through master agent, Telarus.


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Dynamic Network Advisors Case Study

Visibility into Productivity to Improve Cloud Tool Adoption and Coaching

DNA President, Mike Sickle, learned about Prodoscore through a Prodoscore client and partner. A conversation around remote work and how to stay on top of employee productivity led Mike to Prodoscore. “I’m generally a hands-off, just get your work done kind of manager. But, as the company grew and we hired more people, I saw usage of our key business tools drop and some challenges with performance – I knew I had to do something. Prodoscore was just the solution,” said Sickle.

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