When you heavily invest in a piece of software, you want to know it’s being used and you’re receiving your full ROI. But, employees frequently struggle with adopting new systems and workflows and prefer to work in the way they’re comfortable even when the new software will be better for them long-term.

Prodoscore tracks activity in the applications that are essential for your business and measures your software adoption with tools such as G Suite, Salesforce and more.

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Boost Software Adoption

By making time spent in key software apps a cornerstone of the productivity score, Prodoscore encourages employees to adopt the desired software and workflows in order to boost their daily scores. Then, your team will see overall productivity results your software can provide.

There is no reason to pay for G Suite, Salesforce or other large investments without knowing whether your team is engaging with the software. You’ll be able to see the exact work being done in the new platforms.

Instead of missing a lack of adoption until you check-in, you can hold employees accountable for making the switch and reward high adoption rates. No more software collecting digital dust.