HR Metrics

79% of people who leave their job cite a lack of appreciation as their reason for leaving. Recognize your top performers, receive early warnings about at risk-employees and low engagement issues. Your HR team will have the means they need to report on employee productivity and make informed decisions on employee management.
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Empower Your HR Team to Help Your Team

Employee retention is a massive issue, and the majority of employees leaving slowly burn out, feel unappreciated and suddenly announce they’re jumping ship.

With Prodoscore, your HR team will be able to see when employees are experiencing a drop-off in productivity and may need extra coaching or encouragement. You can monitor the health of your organization and address issues before they lead to a two week’s notice.

Prodoscore also helps you track the impact of training and employee growth over time. After a training session is complete, you’ll be able to see the impact it has had on employees and their productivity to know if you were effective or if you need to readjust your methods.

You’ll also be able to quantitatively track an employee’s growth to help with acknowledging and rewarding team members who may go overlooked otherwise. Recognition is the number one thing employees say they could be given to inspire them to produce great work.