Machine Learning

Machine Learning has become a favorite buzzword of companies, so let us explain what we can do. Our Machine Learning engine, Prodoscore Correlations™, takes the time to gather, review and analyze all your employee activity and CRM data. Imagine having a full-time researcher giving advice on how your company can perform better. We crunch the massive amounts of data your team produces to help you find insights you’d never know otherwise.

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Machine Learning is a tool for intelligently analyzing massive quantities of data. There is no way a single person, or even a small team, could review everything your team does to look for useful improvements and insights. But Prodoscore Correlations™ can catch what actions increase the chances of closing a deal, reveal conversation topics that resonate with buyers and surface coaching opportunities to your attention.

The goal of Prodoscore Correlations™ is to go beyond providing you a simple score. We want to provide the specific, actionable improvements you can make based on your data.