Proactive Coaching

If you wait until the end of the quarter to evaluate sales results, you can discover an employee has missed the goal by a wide margin and caused a major dent in expected revenue. The majority of managers spend a limited amount of time coaching each rep and have a reactive coaching style to address major issues

With Prodoscore, sales leaders can recognize and correct daily activity and productivity issues before they spiral out of control.

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Proactively Help Struggling Employees

Small productivity issues can snowball over time and lead to missing revenue targets or losing employees. For example, if an employee isn’t accomplishing tasks first thing in the morning, you can find easier tasks for them to do first or adjust their hours instead of discovering that a quarter of their time has been wasted for months.

Managers are frequently undertrained and struggle to improve their coaching abilities. Prodoscore provides a baseline of activity and level of insight for managers to base their coaching and evaluation which is especially valuable for sales teams which are typically only judged on the end result of sales.

No more waiting anxiously to see the quarterly results. You’ll know what your employees are putting in each day and can find issues you didn’t even realize your team had. Help your team improve before it hurts your long-term results.