Sales Management

Sales management has traditionally depended on quarterly reviews and hitting quota for sales rep assessment. No matter how much effort a rep puts into a deal, if it doesn’t close then it doesn’t count.

Prodoscore measures all the daily work your team does and analyzes what actions are most important for revenue. Know what each rep is accomplishing every day and copy the behaviors of your top performers and make the whole team sales superstars.

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Make a Team of Sales Super Stars

Sales activity reporting is a tangled web of stats across different applications. Not to mention the trouble of having sales reps take the time to log their activity for it to be trackable in the first place.

Prodoscore automatically registers everything done across your SaaS applications. Combined with our Actionable Analytics™ machine learning formula, which makes connections between what your team does and increased sales, you have everything you need to coach your team and copy winning behaviors.

Once you know how your top performing sales reps spend their days, you can help the rest of your team mimic the activities needed to close more deals. No more arguing if the time spent sending 3 emails is the same value as the time spent on 7 calls. Prodoscore will help keep your sales reps on important tasks while providing the data to inform your management decisions.