Worker Productivity

Typical management style for judging productivity is to stroll by all the employees throughout the day and glance over each person’s shoulder to see what they’re getting done. Maybe check calls made or projects completed at the end of the week.

With Prodoscore, you get real intelligence not only on what’s getting done but on what actions matter most.

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Improve Your Daily Productivity

Instead of assuming that the person that looks the busiest has done the most, Prodoscore shows you how much has been spent in G Suite applications, such as email, Docs, Hangouts, and Google Calendar events as well as your CRM and phone system.

Prodoscore builds a simple visualization of your team’s productivity. A quick glance can show you who is having a bad week, who deserves extra recognition and who is spending his or her time wisely on what matters most for building revenue.

Each day employees are encouraged to boost their unique Prodoscore (productivity score). Instead of only trying to past the time each day, the team is encouraged to improve with frequent feedback.