Build a World Class Sales Organization with Machine Learning

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Build a World Class Sales Organization with Machine Learning

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Looking to Increase your sales team’s productivity?


Prodoscore™ lets you capture and measure accurate real time data about your sales team’s productivity. This information can help provide visibility on how to measure worker productivity to create more sales opportunities by continuously improving sales process across your team.

Regardless of your company size or industry, as a sales leader you are likely challenged on how to measure your sales team’s output. With a global workforce and a remote sales team in hand, visibility can obscure how sales activities are executed and how they are properly measured . There are many reasons to measure employee productivity – but very few tools exist that actually work and are easy to implement and use.

Prodoscore Integrates with Your Sales Stack

Google Drive

Prodoscore will track the docs created by your reps.

Google Calendar

Prodoscore will track the calendar events created by your reps.

CRM Integration

Prodoscore integrates with your CRM, such as Salesforce, to track activity count of record updates.

Voice Calls

Automatically track your reps’ time spent talking on the phone.


Prodoscore will track count of emails sent and received.

Google Hangouts

Know your reps’ chat time between colleagues and time spent on video calls.

Establish a Baseline to Improve Performance

Now sales activities can be measured with
greater accuracy – in near real-time – to better establish sales
process improvement goals. Create realistic objectives on
how to measure productivity, and then identify
opportunities for improvement. Share best practices.
Understand how performance varies across your team to
coach improvement.

Leverage Deep Visibility into Sales Activity to Gain Sales Performance Intelligence

See how much time is spent in Google
for Work applications, such as email, docs, hangouts, and calendar events
to coach performance improvement
and reward efforts.

Establish a sales strategy that
optimizes sales output without
guessing. Use fact-based adjustments
to increase sales productivity,
incentive compensation, and training.

How Productivity is Calculated

Prodoscore™ calculates a proprietary employee productivity score based on time spent in Google for Work applications like
email, calendar, docs and hangouts. A common measurement score can help identify star performers or opportunities for
improvement. Learn more.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure.™
Improve how you measure sales performance today to maximize
your sales output tomorrow!

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