The simplest solution for measuring your most valuable asset: your people

In today’s work environment employees want flexibility and employers want accountability. With visibility, they don’t have to conflict.

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Using Machine Learning, AI, & Natural Language Processing, we measure thousands of daily activity points across your core business applications to provide productivity intelligence. Our proprietary scoring system produces key indicators, digestible in seconds, so leaders can make well-informed decisions, rooted in data.

How it works

Actionable analytics that measure employee productivity dashboard
Business applications, artificial intelligence, natural language programming & machine learning to generate one simple score

Why Prodoscore?

Because a lack of visibility can lead to bad outcomes for your business.

The data has always been there, you just couldn’t access it easily. That’s where Prodoscore comes in. Prodoscore surfaces insights that keep you better informed and prepared.
With visibility, leaders can support flexibility while ensuring accountability.
One Simple Score Representing Daily Productivity
One simple score representing daily productivity

Video: Why Prodoscore?

A Solution for Every Business Model

Customize your Prodoscore to meet your business needs

Prodoscore integrations and managed services to customize your business needs



Prodoscore in Action

Prodoscore Spring G2 badges - recognized by our customers as a top rated software solution

Rated a leader in Productivity Intelligence on
We are so proud to be recognized by our customers as a top rated software solution

Prodoscore G2 5 Star Review - Tradewinds Technology Brokerage
“Adding our internal measures of effectiveness (metrics like response time) and interpersonal relationships to Prodoscore’s measure of efficiency, shows me the whole story. It creates a clear view of what an employee is doing so we can help them to improve.”

SVP Operations,

Prodoscore G2 5 Star Review - DTiQ
“I am now able to track engagement levels of all team members. This tool has given me the ability to see trends in activity and then time them back to sales results. There is a correlation between the two. Prior to Prodoscore I was making assumptions.”

Chief Customer Officer,

Prodoscore G2 5 Star Review - Vonage
“Instead of having to understand a bunch of data across different systems, it gave me one score I could use as a benchmark. I can be proactive about finding solutions instead of being reactive when problems get out of control.”

Sales Manager
UpCurve Cloud