Everything You Need to Increase Productivity.

Prodoscore provides a simple score to measure, understand, and improve employee productivity across your entire organization. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning help you discover opportunities with Actionable Analytics™ for profitability while reaching the maximum potential of your software and sales teams.

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Stop Trial and Error Problem Solving.

Prodoscore™ lets you capture and measure company-wide data to comprehend how employee productivity impacts corporate financial performance. Multiple departments will continuously improve their outcomes, all with a single tool when you align Prodoscore to address your organization’s unique challenges and goals.

Implement your strategic vision with tactical execution when you, for example:

  • Help in-office and remote sales teams hit quota with insights into rep behavior so that managers can proactively coach and executives can improve overall strategy.
  • Visualize the use of your CRM and phone system and ensure return on your IT investments.
  • Uncover how employees use provided tools by seeing the time spent in G Suite applications, such as G Suite, Google Docs, Hangouts, and calendar events.
How Prodoscore Works

Prodoscore Solutions

Machine Learning. Personalized Consulting. Everything You Need to Increase Productivity.

Your Guide to Improved Performance with Actionable Analytics™ and Digital Transformation as a Service (DTaaS)

Prodoscore™ is cloud-based software that calculates your employee productivity score based on assessing their performance and time spent in G Suite applications like email, calendar, docs and hangouts and other tools such as your CRM .

We’ll show you how sales activities can be accurately measured – in near real-time – to help you reach your goals. We’ll walk you through where you’re currently performing, create new goals, and use Prodoscore as your proactive coaching tool to help you reach them.

Our machine learning engine, Prodoscore Correlations™, automatically surfaces new insights to help you improve productivity and reveal coaching techniques that would have otherwise been missed.

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Prodoscore Integrates with Your Sales Stack

We’re experts in G Suite sales productivity and business tool integration. Our world-class onboarding and support teams will make set-up, data collection, and analysis a breeze.

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