Use Machine Learning to Increase Your Sales Team's Productivity & Engagement

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Use Machine Learning to Increase Your Sales Team's Productivity & Engagement

Use G Suite?
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Prodoscore™ lets you capture and measure accurate real time data about your sales team’s productivity and engagement.


Workers learn where they can improve. Managers can discover and improve on team weaknesses, and HR can receive alerts for at-risk employees.

  • Measure and Improve Your Daily Workflows
  • Improve Team Management and Employee Engagement
  • Monitor Daily Efforts of Remote Workers
  • Receive Alerts for At-Risk Employees
  • Use Prodoscore Correlations™, Our Machine Learning Engine, to Maximize Your Success

Prodoscore provides deep visibility to your daily workflow that helps you continuously improve your sales process for your whole team, and our machine learning surfaces new opportunities you may have missed.

Easily manage a global and remote workforce confidently with a single Northstar metric for your team to follow. No complicated graphs or weird charts. Your Prodoscore is your sign of success.

Prodoscore Integrates with Your Sales Stack

Google Drive

Prodoscore will track the docs created by your reps.

Google Calendar

Prodoscore will track the calendar events created by your reps.

CRM Integration

Prodoscore will integrate with your CRM, such as Salesforce, to track activity count of record updates.

Voice Calls

Prodoscore will automatically track your reps’ time spent talking on the phone.


Prodoscore will track count of emails sent and received.

Google Hangouts

Prodoscore will track your reps’ chat time between colleagues and time spent on video calls.

Continuously Improve Performance

Now sales activities can be accurately measured – in near real-time – to help you reach your goals. See where you’re currently performing, create new goals, and use Prodoscore as your coaching tool to help you reach them.

Know how to help each player on your team. Copy best practices. Watch everyone become a super-star.

Our machine learning engine, Prodoscore Correlations™, automatically surfaces new insights to help you boost productivity and reveal coaching techniques that would have otherwise been missed.

Stop Trial and Error Problem Solving.

See the Exact Solution for Improved Sales.

See how much time is spent in G Suite applications, such as email, docs, hangouts, and calendar events as well as your CRM and phone system to coach performance improvement and reward efforts.


Help even remote teams hit quota and improve. Give HR metrics with early warnings about at risk-employees and low engagement issues.

How Productivity is Calculated

Prodoscore™ calculates your employee productivity score based on our secret sauce and time spent in G Suite applications like email, calendar, docs and hangouts and other tools such as your CRM.

A single metric acts as your team’s Northstar for improvement. Learn more.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure.™ Measure sales performance and engage your team to maximize your sales output!