You Can't Improve
What You Don't Measure

Prodoscore provides a simple score to improve your sales process, machine learning for discovering new opportunities, and personalized consulting to help you reach the full potential of your software and sales team.

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Stop Trial and Error Problem Solving.
See the Solution for Improved Sales Productivity.

Prodoscore™ lets you capture and measure accurate data about your sales team’s productivity and our consultants help you harness that data for productivity, remote working, and proactive sales coaching.

How Prodoscore Works

Prodoscore Solutions

Machine Learning. Personalized Consulting. Everything You Need to Increase Productivity.

Your Guide to Improved Performance with Actionable Analytics™

We'll show you how sales activities can be accurately measured – in near real-time – to help you reach your goals. We'll walk you through where you’re currently performing, create new goals, and use Prodoscore as your proactive coaching tool to help you reach them.

Our machine learning engine, Prodoscore Correlations™, automatically surfaces new insights to help you improve productivity and reveal coaching techniques that would have otherwise been missed.

Prodoscore Integrates with Your Sales Stack

We're experts in G Suite and business tool integration. Our world-class onboarding and support teams will make set-up, data collection, and analysis a breeze.

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