An Employee Productivity and Data Visualization Solution to Suit Diverse Industries and Unique Departments and Roles

Productivity data and actionable insights ensure transparency and an opportunity to streamline processes and workflows.

For Executives

  • Better manage payroll dollars
  • Drive change with confidence
  • Create a culture of coaching
  • Visualize tech stack adoption and streamline usage
  • Understand short and long-term effects of decisions on performance and profitability
  • Identify ways to develop, retain, and engage teams
  • Get insights to optimize operations and improve productivity
  • Promote a culture of continuous improvement that empowers teams to succeed
  • Build efficient teams that deliver results
  • Enable and support a remote workforce
  • Mitigate churn

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6 Leading Causes of Workplace Burnout and How to Mitigate It

A recent Gartner study showed that the pace of employee turnover is forecast to be 50–75% higher than companies experienced prior to the pandemic.

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Data-Driven Leadership: Using Data to Become a Better Manager

What makes a good manager? Answers to that question typically focus on the ‘soft’ skills – communication, trust, empathy – but great leaders know it’s also important to develop hard skills, and top of that list is data literacy.

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How to Properly Adjust Your Leadership Style for the Remote Workplace

The transition to remote work has seen businesses make many adjustments, allowing employees to set their own hours, engaging with team members in brand new ways, and working from home offices.

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