Product Features

Prodoscore integrates with your cloud-based business apps to present a visualization of employee engagement and productivity. Quantitative, qualitative, and behavioral data provide actionable insights.

Prodoscore app dashboard view
Filtering data over a timeframe

Time Filtering

View and filter trending data over any timeframe

Capture PTO

Retroactively assign a PTO or Sick Day
Assign a PTO or sick day retroactively

Raw Data

Export raw data for reporting purposes

Exporting raw data from Prodoscore
View employee login activity
View all admin login activity

Company-Wide Settings

Performance alert settings

Performance alert settings
Set up performance specific alerts

Register Leave

Schedule holiday leave on Prodoscore
Schedule company holidays to exclude those days from employee scores

Dashboard Views

Toggle between manager and employee view
Toggle between manager and employee view in Prodoscore

Access and Employee Settings

User account

Grant access to outside users
Grant Prodoscore access to outside users like outside counsel, external HR teams, etc.

Performance throughout the day and work timeline

Calculate daily gap time
Calculate daily “gap time” or capture first/last daily activity

Time settings

Set work schedule on time settings
Set work days and hours

Daily performance

Adjust activity details
Turn on/off activity details