Insights into Employee Engagement and Collaboration with Organizational Network Analysis

Why it Matters

  • Capitalize on key relationships
  • Visualize the flow of information between and within departments
  • Find opportunities to improve communication
  • Identify influencers and core team members

Prodoscore’s Social Network: Use Cases

Disengaged Employees

Employee network web for disengaged employees


Employee network web for collaborators


Employee network web for inbetweeners/bridges

Organizational Silos

Employee network web for organizational silos

Organizational Network Analysis in ProdoLabs

Our ProdoLabs tool has its own ONA section too, where you’ll gain deeper insight into how work actually gets done.

3 Product Pillars
Employee Value

Gain insight into the value of employees outside of their input and output


Consider your employees’ “web” of communication to identify silos and/or critical connections

Manager Effectiveness

Understand the frequency with which managers collaborate with their team members to ensure a focus on individual success

What Will Your Organization’s Social Network Tell You?

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Organizational Network Analysis & Insights

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What is Prodoscore?

An Employee Productivity Monitoring (EPM) solution that empowers teams with visibility to accelerate success. Actionable insights from Prodoscore create visibility into daily engagement, empower employee flexibility and ensure accountability. The result? Better informed leadership and engaged employees – a win-win.

Flexibility, accountability and visibility

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