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What is Organizational Network Analysis?

Commonly referred to as ONA, Organizational Network Analysis, it’s the study of relationships between people. ONA can be used to understand how people are connected, how they communicate, and what influence they have on each other.

Why does it matter?

Understanding those connections allows leaders to understand and capitalize on the relationships between their employees and other internal stakeholders. Visualization of engagement can help managers identify key influencers, gauge the flow of information and trust within the organization, and find new opportunities for business growth through collaboration.

Organization Network Analysis platform

What does a network consist of?

Network nodes and edges


Network Density and Productivity Killers

Network density and network transitivity are two of the most important factors in running a successful company – they allow the company to have better communication and coordination between employees, laying the groundwork for more efficient and effective operations.

The number of connections within a network
A measurement of the likelihood that two connected nodes will also be connected

Network density accounts for >10% of daily productivity within an organization. Denser networks are typically associated with higher productivity through collaboration and engagement.

Sparse and dense network

Productivity Killers

There’s a strong negative relationship between a network’s density and the number and strength of subgroups that exist with a communication network. As communication between subgroups strengthens, and employee groups silo themselves, productivity declines.

Network Subworks

In the examples above, communication in the Two Subgroups image followed a sequence indicating a potential lack of efficiency. In the Four Subgroups image, communication was completely siloed and likely inefficient as a result.


Organizational Communication Types & Areas of Focus

Types of Organizational Communication

Organization communication


Understanding an organization’s network can impact success and growth as well as employee development. Here are some of the primary areas of potential impact:

  • Process Efficiency
  • Communication Effectiveness
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Inter and Intra Department Coordination

Key Takeaways

Key takeaways

Woman using Prodoscores social network feature

The Social Network

Prodoscore’s ONA tool is called Social Network. Data from the Social Network helps leaders better understand employee connections and influences while also visualizing the flow of information within the organization.

To learn more about how your organization’s social network can impact success, get in touch with us.

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