The Benefits of Prodoscore’s Employee Productivity Monitoring Solution

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Gain insight into how employees are engaged each day.

Why? Because success is unrelated to when and where people work.

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Identify burnout before it’s too late and mitigate churn – don’t let your top performers walk out the door.

How? Pinpoint employees who are stressed out and overworked, and provide support.

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Support a flexible work environment where both employee AND employer satisfaction is high.

When? Now.

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Use Cases

  • Identify employees at risk of leaving
  • Pinpoint high and low producers
  • Determine behaviors that lead to success
  • Monitor adoption of cloud-based apps
  • Find new coaching opportunities
  • Create an environment of accountability
  • Support flexible work
  • Pinpoint employees at risk of burnout
  • Make critical decisions rooted in data
  • Understand employee engagement trends over time
  • Visualize gaps in training
  • Identify and replicate behaviors that lead to success
  • Encourage flexible work
  • Mitigate micromanagement
  • Underscore unmanageable workloads
  • Visualize department and organizational level productivity benchmarks
  • Highlight gaps in training for cloud-based applications
  • Gain recognition for hard work

Case Studies