How It Works


Prodoscore takes employee activity spent while working in G Suite business applications (mail, calendar, docs and hangouts), Your CRM, and phone system (dialer, conference calls, and text messages) to build a simple visualization of your productivity.

Based on their level of activity, and our secret sauce, each employee is given a unique Prodoscore (productivity score). Quick analysis of this score, and our machine learning, identifies areas for coaching and sales improvement.

We use the cloud to capture data in near time data and displayed in a way that is easy to see, manage and understand.

Seamless integration with Google for Work APIs (mail, calendar, docs and hangouts) ensures deep data collection and the highest level of accuracy.

Consistent measurement across the team provides insight into engagement and accountability for teams, managers, and HR.

Prodoscore is quick to install, so it can deliver sales activity intelligence within hours of implementation.

How Productivity is Calculated

  • Every activity from time spent sending emails, scheduling meetings or calendar events, creating proposals on doc, interacting on hangout, making calls, sending texts, or updating your CRM is measured.
  • All our measurements are transformed into a single Prodoscore for each employee based on what you accomplish. Comparing scores and deep diving into activities helps find opportunities for improvements. You can also receive alerts for high risk employees.
  • Our machine learning engine, Prodoscore Correlations™, automatically surfaces new insights to help you boost productivity and reveal coaching techniques that would have otherwise been missed.

Measure Time Spent in G-Suite (Google for Work)

Keep a record of time spent on emails, docs, calendar events and hangouts.

Requires Chrome browser and the Prodoscore extension.
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Keep your team engaged and accountable.

Your single Prodoscore makes identifying issues and coaching opportunities easy and gives employees a clear goal.

Stop guessing how to help your team and start learning how to make improvements.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure.™ Measure sales performance and engage your team to maximize your sales output!