How Prodoscore Works

Understanding daily productivity has traditionally been a manual, and reactionary process, consisting of multiple reports in disparate systems. Prodoscore merges all the data from your cloud tools into one, easy to use dashboard and presents it as a simple score.
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Cloud to capture data icon
We use the cloud to capture data in near real-time and display it in such a way that it’s easy to access, manage, and act on.
Seamless integration icon
Our seamless integration with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 ensures deep data collection and the highest level of accuracy.
Insight into productivity icon
A consistent measurement across teams provides insight into engagement and accountability.
Productivity intelligence within hours of implementation icon
Installing our tool is quick and easy so that productivity intelligence is delivered to you within hours of implementation.

Measuring Daily Activity

Business applications, artificial intelligence, natural language programming & machine learning to generate one simple score
  • Keep your team engaged and accountable
  • Compare employee scores and deep dive into activities to find opportunities for improvement
  • Receive alerts for high risk employees
  • Don’t lead blindly, gain the visibility needed to make improvements
Employee activity and productivity dashboard

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How Productivity is Calculated

Single sign on from your Office Suite IconWe leverage Single Sign On from your Office Suite.
Cloud tools measured by API iconCloud tool activity is measured daily via API…
Highest levels of cloud security iconWith the highest levels of cloud security.
15 minute installation iconIt takes 15 minutes to be up and running.
No impact on the end user iconAnd, there’s no impact to the end user.