How It Works

Prodoscore visualizes employee activity spent while working in Google for Work business applications
(mail,calendar,docs and hangouts). This activity is then aggregated to produce a unique employee
productivity score. Consistent, accurate productivity measurement identifies opportunities for sales
execution improvement.

As a cloud-based solution, data is quickly captured and aggregated, so it is easy to see, manage and understand.

Seamless integration with Google for Work APIs (mail, calendar, docs and hangouts) ensures data is instantly collected to deliver the highest level of accuracy.

Consistent measurement across the team establishes an accurate baseline to improve sales productivity by identifying areas for performance improvement.

Built as a web-based cloud solution, Prodoscore is quick to install, so it can deliver sales activity intelligence within hours of implementation.

How Productivity is Calculated

  • Every sales activity can be quantitatively measured, be it time spent sending emails, scheduling meetings or calendar events, creating proposals on docs or interacting on hangout.
  • Prodoscores are established based on what you or your team accomplish, which can then be used to quantify productivity Compare these scores to identify opportunities for sales productivity improvement.

Measure Time Spent in G-Suite (Google for Work)

Quantifies time spent on emails, docs, calendar events and hangouts.
Requires Chrome browser and an extension for value added features.
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By automating the creation of a simple and easy to understand productivity scoring system, Prodoscore empowers you to make better, more informed decisions on how to best coach employees on sales processes to improve their overall performance.

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