Data Intelligence for Better People and Better Process

Prodoscore™ is a PSG Equity backed AI-powered data intelligence solution dedicated to making teams more successful.

We do it by providing clarity on what employees need to do to maintain optimal productivity, without feeling pressured by meaningless metrics. The result is empowered people, streamlined processes, opportunities for workforce optimization, and better informed decision making.

As the leading cloud-based solution in the space, Prodoscore is non-invasive and ultra secure, provides rich data (qualitative, quantitative and behavioral), aggregated from existing business applications, and can be up and running in just minutes.


Our mission is to empower people to be as successful as possible using meaningful and actionable data.

Our vision is to be at the center of workplace decision-making by providing exceptional data intelligence that drives results.

Team leader working remotely on laptop with ai technology overlay

Prodoscore’s Values

We are a team of thought leaders with a deep understanding of what will enable a future of work that empowers employees. We know there’s no singular answer to every question so we’re always evolving to navigate the ebbs and flows of organizational needs.

We believe in the power of AI to deliver positive transformation. We are passionate about productivity data and convinced that, used in the right way, it can bolster engagement and success.

We are committed to leveraging data insights in a way that’s moral, meaningful, and responsible.

Be Human.

At the end of the day, data is simply a complementary measurement. The future of work holds tremendous opportunity for interdependency of technology and humans. But, the human element of our work lives can’t be ignored.

Honor privacy.

Our system was built to encourage employee development, healthy peer to peer competition, and balanced management. Employee data should never be used to pit people against one another. Empathy is a critically important soft skill necessary when reviewing productivity data.

What We’re About

  • Providing an easy to use and understand solution

  • Creating value for all org roles and levels

  • Ensuring transparency between managers and employees

  • Opening the door for honest conversations and new opportunities for career development

  • Supporting a high performance culture

  • Empowering people

  • Ensuring fairness and objectivity in the workplace

  • A data-centric and employee-focused approach

What Prodoscore IS NOT

  • Spyware

  • Intrusive

  • Disruptive to workflow

Some of the companies that rely on Prodoscore