About Prodoscore

A PSG equity backed company, Prodoscore provides data visualization and productivity software that highlights actionable and objective employee insights by providing visibility into an organization’s most valuable asset, its people.

Who We Are

A diverse group of people dedicated to building a solution that changes the way we work. We believe that data presents incredible opportunities for organizational improvement, cost savings, greater employee satisfaction, and increased productivity, if we understand and use it the right way. We want to share our message with organizations everywhere.

What We Do

We empower teams to be more effective and productive by providing visibility into daily activity in the form of a simple score. Combining Machine Learning, AI, & Natural Language Processing our proprietary scoring tool generates insights based on usage of key business tools that create immediate opportunities for improvement.


Our Mission

Provide never before seen visibility into employee engagement, rooted in data and digestible in seconds, to support a flexible work environment and ensure accountability.

Our Vision

To be at the center of workplace decision-making by providing exceptional productivity intelligence that generates actionable insights for leadership.



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Meet the Team

Sam Naficy, Prodoscore Chief Executive Officer

Sam Naficy Chief Executive Officer

Adrian Reece, Prodoscore VP of Data Science

Adrian Reece Vice President of Data Science

Nadine M. Sarraf, Prodoscore Chief Marketing Officer

Nadine M. Sarraf Chief Marketing Officer

Mike Perrone, Prodoscore Chief Revenue Officer

Mike Perrone Chief Revenue Officer

Crisantos Hajibrahim, Product Evangelist

Crisantos Hajibrahim Product Evangelist

Prodoscore’s Pledge

We believe in the power of AI to deliver positive transformation. We are passionate about productivity data and convinced that, used in the right way, it can keep engagement and performance high, identify employees that need assistance, and present new opportunities for success.

We also know that data can be acted upon in ways that are not healthy for organizations. Here, we publish our commitment to guide our customers with expertise to leverage data insights in a way that’s moral, meaningful, and responsible.

Don’t forget to be human.

At the end of the day, productivity data is simply a complementary measurement. The future of work holds tremendous opportunity for interdependency of technology and humans. But, the human element of our work lives can’t be ignored.

Honor privacy.

Our system was built to encourage employee development, healthy peer to peer competition, and balanced management. Employee data should never be used to pit people against one another. Empathy is a critically important soft skill necessary when reviewing productivity data.

Look for trends.

The value of productivity data lies in understanding daily/weekly/monthly trends. The focus is not on one moment in time, it’s not singular. Managers can be empowered and employee growth enabled with comparative measurements of key indicators over time that provide insight. Most importantly, objectivity and equitable interpretation of data is encouraged.

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