Visibility into productivity and actionable insights around daily engagement ensure legal professionals have the data they need to succeed

Law firms that do not provide some form of flexibility to their employees are losing top talent at a higher rate than we’ve ever seen before. At the same time, there are a limited number of KPIs available in the legal industry to measure success and leaders often struggle to understand why some attorneys perform better than others.

With Prodoscore, leaders gain much needed visibility that ensures accountability regardless of where and when employees work, and access to insights around things like caseloads, daily activity, collaboration, and much more. With that data, leaders are better equipped to make smart decisions about personnel while mitigating the risks of burnout and high-stress, which are so common in the legal field.

Why Choose Data Intelligence for Your Law Firm

  • Identify opportunities to increase activity and billing
  • Find out what your best attorneys are doing so you can augment your onboarding for new hires
  • Build confidence about usage of cloud applications like your case management solution like Litify
  • Visualize the behavior of top and bottom performers
  • Give legal staff earned autonomy
  • Pinpoint gaps in training and provide needed support
  • Coach based on leading indicators, instead of past performance
  • Ramp attorneys faster and more efficiently
  • Centralize KPI data into one simple dashboard
  • Benchmark your top performers and replicate their performance
  • Promote transparency in 1:1s
  • Ensure accountability across the team

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