Take a Deeper Dive Into Employee Productivity With ProdoLabs™

The various Prodoscore dashboards offer a slew of actionable data insights. You can view productivity levels broken down by time period, department, and individual, gain insight into different work patterns, collaboration trends, cloud tool utilization and much more. 

With ProdoLabs, Prodoscore’s newest offering, the data becomes even more insightful.  ProdoLabs provides another layer of dashboards and reporting. It is a think-tank for new ideas and provides an executive-level perspective of an organization’s performance and activity to drive improvements in people management and organizational efficiency.

Here are some of the areas where ProdoLabs currently provides insight:

  • Employee collaboration and comprehensive network analysis
  • Productivity patterns by location (hybrid, in-office, remote)
  • Cloud tool utilization and adoption trends plus cost implications  
  • Meeting analysis (internal vs. external meetings, percent of day spent in meetings, associated costs, etc.)

Additionally, ProdoLabs can be used as a tool to build out custom reports based on the unique needs of each organization.

The Value of Measuring Collaboration and Productivity

ProdoLabs significantly extends Prodoscore’s capabilities to measure collaboration in addition to productivity. Users can visualize how often staff are collaborating, who they are collaborating with, and how their productivity measures against their collaboration levels. 

Typically, higher collaboration leads to higher productivity, but there are a lot of outliers. How managers interact with their employees also has a significant impact on the business - could they be playing favorites with a few employees and ignoring others, for example? Are there lower-level employees who may be well-positioned for a leadership role based on their interactions across the organization?

ProdoLabs helps you spot top collaborators and bridgers - these are the people on your team who connect different teams, or who are commonly contacted by various team members. Consider the cost of letting go of a key collaborator - what happens to that knowledge? Who will carry on that responsibility? 

ProdoLabs data can be filtered in a number of ways, including by role, team, person, productivity level and time. Customization makes it even more powerful as every organization and leader has their unique perspective. Insights about how people contribute, what tools they use and how, what times of the day they work, where they work best, and more can drive meaningful change. 

ProdoLabs makes it easy to identify whether meetings or a specific project are eating up a significant amount of time or pinpoint which tools have the most value. The data outlines where productivity and collaboration really happen and how you can learn from it, creating a blueprint for success.

A Data-Driven Approach to Managing People is a Winning Strategy

Have you ever wondered why certain teams perform better than others or why some new hires ramp faster than others? 

While there are a number of solutions out there that highlight performance metrics and KPIs, there is no easy way to understand how employee contributions translate into success. Without invasive monitoring and junk data, Prodoscore’s capabilities make it possible to glean insights that can then drive smarter decisions and ultimately, success. 

ProdoLabs is Prodoscore, elevated. 

The capabilities of ProdoLabs start with Prodoscore. Contact us today for a demonstration of our employee productivity monitoring solution that will allow you to design a blueprint for success at your organization. 

How will visibility impact your business?