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Prodoscore’s integration with your company’s RingCentral UCaaS solution helps to drive adoption and ensure you’re making the most of your investment.  Prodoscore/RingCentral customers saw a 125% increase in adoption within the first 90 days of implementing the joint solution.

The tool is incredibly easy to use and install. Once integrated, each team member’s productivity score for the day will include time spent using RingCentral, including team messaging, phone calls, texts, and meetings.  Additional detail about each event is also available.

Ring Central Integration Prodoscore Dashboard

By creating visibility about RingCentral usage, managers can keep employees from using their personal phones to talk, text, and chat; plus, increase adoption of RingCentral Video Meetings by giving employees credit for any meetings scheduled using the Meetings API.

Ring Central Integration Score Details Drill Down

Prodoscore also offers a call recording API that includes call transcription and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Managers will have the ability to search employee conversations to ensure they are on-message, and using the right terminology to represent your brand.

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