You’re invited!

Prodoscore and American Happiness present…

A series of interactive virtual workshops to drive productivity and strengthen mental wellness. Hosted by Michelle Wax from American Happiness, these events will teach habits to improve professional and personal health.

Prodoscore and American happiness Project Present Workshop

Why attend?

The 4-series workshop will give you an opportunity to connect with others and learn how to build a positive mindset, increase energy, strengthen productivity, and much more.

At Prodoscore, we want to encourage conversations around employee productivity, performance, and growth while keeping mental health top of mind. The American Happiness team pairs neuroscience with practical psychology research to give you tangible takeaways that will help you create more joy and energy in each day.

You’ll walk away with simple, actionable tools designed to improve your personal and professional well-being.

The Events

Workshop 1: The Science of Happiness and How to Use it to Your Advantage
Thursday, March 25th @ 1pm PST/4pm EST

Workshop 2: Building Positive Habits in Uncertain Times
Wednesday, April 7th @ 1pm PST/4pm EST

Workshop 3: How to Generate Energy to Drive Productivity
Thursday, April 22 @ 1pm PST/4pm EST

Workshop 4: Using Stress to your Advantage
Wednesday, May 5th @ 1pm PST/4pm EST

Missed a session? No Problem.

Contact me for a copy of the recording.

American Happiness Project Host, Michelle Wax

Michelle Wax

Michelle Wax is the founder of American Happiness Project, a movement across 50 states focused on creating more joy, energy, and connection in the everyday. Wax works with top companies, organizations, and schools across the USA to help teams thrive in uncertainty, use stress to their advantage, and create positive mindsets through workshops + accountability programs. She produced the 50 state American Happiness documentary, and leads the American Happiness CONNECTION community. Prior to founding American Happiness Project — Wax founded two companies in the food industry, which she sold in 2019. She has been praised to be “incredibly knowledgeable, relate-able, and approachable” and “brings great energy that very few are able to bring to the online world”.