Why Prodoscore?

Because an at home worker needs to know the score.

The advent of cloud based software and communications promised to free the worker from their desk and allow them to work anywhere, anytime. However, workers have to face more than a couple of problems when they do that.

First there is perception. Most managers are not comfortable with trusting an employee to remain focused on their work while in any other environment beside the office. However, the data we are collecting does not support that notion. The research we are collecting shows that the “at home worker” is more apt to return to work at night, early in the morning or on weekends while the “in office” worker leave their work behind when they leave the office.

Most people who work primarily in locations outside the office feel they are far more productive and creative when they are engaged in settings other than in an office or worse, in a cube. They can work in casual clothes with little prep time to attend to their outward appearance (unless there is a video conference where some just dress up from the waist up). The minutes wasted commuting or in adHoc meetings and co-worker “walk-by” distracting conversations are spent on focused work. Some find that working from quite places in nature are inspiring, while others find the din of a coffee shop setting to be more comfortable than a quite office. One friend of mine loves long commutes on airplanes where he can remain offline to write. He has written two books this year while in flight.

You might of read the infamous memo from Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer back in 2013 when she called for all remote workers to return to the office and ceased allowing  at home workers. She reportedly felt that working in the office would increase productivity. While that wasn’t the case for the vast majority, it still was her perception and needed data to prove it. If Marissa had Prodoscore, perhaps she might not have made such a heavy handed and demotivating move.

How it Works

Prodoscore measures the activity in the apps that workers use all day. Apps like their Gmail, browser url’s, calendar, conference calls, regular calls, and CRM to name a few. From that activity a score can be calculated using our patented algorithms. That score can then be published to the rest of the team. Think FitBit. That score might have stars attached and when a number of stars are attained the employee is rewarded with recognition and a gift.  While recognition among their peers is nice, the biggest reward is knowing how you work best. Who doesn’t want to get better at what they do and be trusted by their supervisors to get the job done – no matter where they are?  Someday you may see a remote employee publish their Prodoscore like it was a FICO score to prove they are productive while working outside the office.