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What is Prodoscore?

Prodoscore is a software tool that measures employee productivity within key business applications like Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, CRM, phone systems, and more.

Each employee is given a unique Prodoscore (productivity score) that helps managers identify areas for coaching and improvement.

How do I log into Prodscore?

Prodoscore uses Single Sign-On based on your domain host (Google or Microsoft), making it easy for you to remember login credentials.

How does the system come up with the score?

Prodsocore uses an algorithm to calculate the different data sets that are collected from your various applications, weighs them, then factors them into your final Prodoscore. The higher your activity in each application, the higher your Prodoscore.

How often is the Prodoscore updated?

The score is updated nightly.

Does every user have the ability to see everyone’s activity?

No. We recommend you build a hierarchy within your organization to limit the view to employees and managers. Administrators have full access to view everyone in the organization and their Prodoscore (excluding hidden employees), Managers can only view themselves and the employees assigned to them, and employees (remaining user roles) can view their personal score and where they rank amongst peers.

I know my CEO would not want his information to be visible to anyone, is there a way to hide his score but still give him Prodoscore access?

Yes, Prodoscore offers a hidden feature in the employee settings page that excludes a specific employee’s Prodoscore from the overall organization. To do this, go to Settings > Employees > Find the employee name > Change their view to ‘hidden’ from the Visibility column > Save Changes below.

If the visibility is set to ‘Hidden’ for an employee, that employee will not be displayed anywhere in the system and his/her work will not be part of the Organization Prodoscore.

How can I group my employees to view them in different subsets?

Prodoscore provides two different grouping methods – one uses the hierarchy you build and views the employees under each designated manager, the other assigns each employee a specific user role along with their peers so you can view the group specific to that user role.

I have employees who work remotely all over the country. How do I factor in their work hours?

We suggest turning on the ‘24 hour shift’ feature on your settings page. This allows the system to capture all activity throughout the day. Simply go to Settings > Org Settings > Check the 24 hour shift box > Save Changes below.

What is the difference between the Organization Prodoscore and the Employee Prodoscore?

Each employee will receive a daily Prodoscore based on their usage of various business apps. The average Prodoscore value is calculated for the selected period for each employee. The Organization Prodoscore is calculated for the entire organization, based on a roll-up of all employee performance.

Why do I see two numbers for managers on the Managers Prodoscores page?

Two Prodoscores are calculated for managers, one score is their own and the other is the average score of all their subordinates.

What is the Organization Prodoscore Chart?

The Organization Prodoscore chart shows how the organization’s Prodoscore is trending over time. The dark blue line indicates the current period and the light blue line indicates the previous period. You can view the score for a specific date by hovering the mouse over that point on the chart.

What is the difference between the Admin, Manager, and Employee views?

Admins can access the full application, manage all users, and change company settings. Managers can only do tasks related to their subordinates. Employees can login and view only their own performance and achievements.

What is the difference between a user account and an employee account?

An employee account is listed in the employee’s list and will be calculated into the Prodoscore if it is set to visible.

The admin can view or create user accounts that are used as another sign in option. They are not calculated into the Prodoscore. The admin can only select ‘Admin’ or ‘Manager’ as a ‘User role’ for a User Account

Can I create custom User Roles?

Our Prodoscore calculation takes into account the role plus activities associated with that role.

How can I set our organization’s work hours?

If you are an admin, you can set the work days, work hours and the time zone for the whole organization under the ‘Time Settings’ tab. After selecting ‘Save Changes,’ the setting will be applied the next time the score is calculated.

Why are some employees not displayed on the employee settings page?

All terminated and system accounts are hidden on the employee settings by default. You can select the “show terminated & system accounts” check box to view them.

Who will be receiving the email reports?

If the admin selects the weekly report frequency option then he/she will receive a weekly email report that showcases their company progress for the previous week.

The admin or manager can select which employees will receive a weekly or daily report with their own Prodoscore as well as the score of their subordinates.

What will happen to the Prodoscore after I make changes to the settings?

The Prodoscore for the time period prior to making changes in the settings tab will remain the same. Changes will be reflected in the Prodoscore starting the day after the changes were made.

What does it mean when a record in the Score details drill down is greyed out?

If an item is greyed out in the Score details drill down, it means that record is not being counted towards the Prodoscore. Reasons why this could happen are:

  • the task was done outside of work hours
  • the task was flagged by a manager to not count towards the Prodoscore
  • it is an incoming text or chat message

How do I prevent an activity from counting towards the Prodoscore?

If data from a specific activity should not be calculated towards the Prodoscore, the admin or manager can flag the activity by right clicking on the activity in the ‘Work timeline for the day’ graph and clicking on “Flag this activity.”

How can I provide feedback?

We would love to hear from you! A manager or admin can click on the feedback button in the bottom right corner to submit a screenshot as well as any comments he/she may have. You could also email

How is my data stored and kept secure?

The data that Prodoscore collects is stored on the Google Cloud Platform, GCP, so it never leaves the Google network.

Prodoscore has successfully completed the Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type audit, which verifies that Prodoscore’s information security practices, policies, procedures, and operations meet the highest standards for security, availability, and confidentiality. We make it a priority to ensure that our customers’ data and systems are kept safe.

If you would like further details, we would be happy to provide you access to the SOC 2 compliance report. However, we require that you sign a non-disclosure agreement first.

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