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We’re going to cover how Prodoscore integrates with the conference call system, TurboBridge, and the data you gain from this integration. Prodoscore will also track time spent on conference calls and count them in the Prodoscore for the day.

First your Prodoscore Admin will need to connect TurboBridge to your Prodoscore account. Note they will also need access to your TurboBridge Admin credentials to do so.

Go to settings, then Products, then Conference call, then Change Credentials.

The email address entered should be the email address of the admin account or the group admin account.

In order for Prodoscore to be able to connect to TurboBridge, the Admin needs to select the “Allow API Access” Setting in TurboBridge.

Once the valid credentials are taken into the system, a table will be populated below which will have all the usernames of the organization along with the roles.

To the right of the screen, you will be given a drop down option to match the phone system account with Prodoscore. Some of these will be automatically matched, but some may need to be manually added by you.

Once this is done the user can click on the “Save changes” button to finish connecting the integration.

After your conference call system is connected, you can go to an employee’s page to see their conference calls for each day.

That covers all the data you can see with the TubroBridge integration for Prodoscore.