Prodoscore Integration for zoom
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Prodoscore’s integration with your company’s Zoom video and phone communications solution helps to drive adoption and ensure you’re making the most of your investment. Prodoscore customers typically see a significant increase in adoption after implementing the joint solution. 

The tool is incredibly easy to use and install. Once integrated, each team member’s productivity score for the day will include time spent in Zoom meetings and calls.

Meetings that are scheduled but unattended do not count towards a Prodoscore.

The below details will be displayed.

Zoom Video:

  • Title: Topic
  • Duration 
  • Attendee List
  • Attendee Count

Zoom Phone:

  • Phone Number
  • Duration 
  • Direction (inbound/outbound)
  • Status
  • Type (VoIP, landline, etc.)

Prodoscore Dashboard - Zoom Inputs

Zoom Score Details Drill Down

By creating visibility about Zoom usage, organizations can streamline the meeting experience and maintain consistency across teams. Attending a meeting in or making a call from Zoom will provide credit to an employee’s Prodoscore.