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Adam Friedman, Managing Partner

Company Overview

Friedman Vartolo LLP is a full-service real estate law firm with extensive experience handling real estate litigation, foreclosure matters and real estate transactions. Our philosophy is that our success is derived solely from that of our clients. As such, we place quality of work over volume of business and strive to add value to every transaction or litigation matter. With these guiding philosophies in mind, we employ numerous unique strategies and litigation techniques to better serve our clients and cut down their timelines.

We work across NY, NJ, PA, MA, MD and CT.

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Friedman Vartolo Case Study

Enabling a Remote and Hybrid Legal Workforce

We learned about Prodoscore from searching online for a solution that could help us enable a hybrid and remote setup. Like so many other companies, we saw a pretty significant shift to hybrid or remote work in the last few years and it was really hard for managers to gauge how effective and efficient their teams were as a result.

Our development team had built out a few Tableau dashboards to help monitor production but the data was too limited and we struggled to collect Microsoft data accurately.

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