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Jason Bernstein, VP of Sales Operations

Company Overview

GreenPages plans, implements and manages secure, high-performance digital operating environments – it is uniquely positioned with extensive technology and expertise in security and cloud with the ability to deliver complete infrastructure solutions enabling companies to drive outcomes and compete in the digitally driven economy.

Consistent with our mission, every week we help organizations move to the cloud quickly, securely and cost effectively. And if you are already in the cloud, we can ensure you get the most value from it by leveraging our deep cloud expertise and technologies to reduce your operating costs and by configuring it to support your security requirements and desired business outcomes.

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GreenPages Case Study

Validation of investments and team activity

The onboarding process at Prodoscore is straightforward and non-invasive. Typically, customers are up and running in just 15 minutes and within 24 hours given access to 90 days worth of historical data. For Jason, the process was “smooth and easy” and “the ease of turning it on and getting the data was great.”

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