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Scott Perkins, EVP Sales

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Kinective offers comprehensive technology solutions aiding banks and credit unions across the banking ecosystem in the age of digital transformation by providing secure connectivity and workflow solutions that enable IT modernization, operating efficiency, and elevated client experiences for financial institutions, fintechs, and banking cores. Learn more at

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Kinective Case Study

Enhance Performance, Reduce Uncertainty

Prodoscore has had a transformative impact on employee performance at our organization, specifically on the sales team. Using the data, we’ve created a structured approach to accountability, setting clear monthly targets for new sales hires and incentivizing achievement with monetary rewards.

We’ve been able to ramp up our new team members much faster because they’re given target scores with specific metrics like call and email volumes, number of opportunities created, etc. We outline salary goals for them and then provide direction on how to meet whichever goal they choose based on activity metrics.

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