Enhance Coaching and Replicate Top Performers

How it Works

Why not use data to monitor and improve performance? It’s not always easy to distinguish between will and skill but with contextualized data, managers can be more confident in their ability to make decisions and guide teams.

Identify Behavior Patterns

By understanding the behaviors that lead to success, and those that may fall short, managers and employees can focus on replicating behavior that typically results in success. That could include volume of activity as well as cadence, timing, and even the combination of activities performed.

At the same time, managers can work with and guide lower performers so they learn to implement some of those behaviors that lead to success as well. Consider how much time can be saved on training and follow up with that level of insight.

Improve Revenue Results

Why Prodoscore?

Coaching Opportunities

  • Quickly identify the activities being performed by top performers that lead to larger pipeline opportunities, higher volume of output, and stronger overall performance
  • Pinpoint the combination of activities that typically result in success and find ways to replicate it
  • Guide lower performers based on knowledge about behavior that leads to higher results so they too can achieve success
  • Easily distinguish between employees who work hard and those who are just not putting in enough effort – sometimes the employees working hardest are the ones who could use some extra coaching

Visualizing daily activity makes it easy to understand patterns of a successful employee vs. the rest of the team.  And, by creating transparency between managers and employees about productivity levels, Prodoscore saves time and makes one on one discussions a lot easier.