Improve Employee Retention

How it Works

A surprise resignation? Identify red flags (like a drastic decline in activity) to mitigate the unexpected.

Activity as a Measure of Engagement

Activity is the most accurate measure of employee engagement but most businesses don’t have a system in place that provides visibility into daily activity. By identifying usage of cloud tools, hours of productivity throughout the day, and messaging patterns, Prodoscore gives leaders an opportunity to visualize engagement in just a few seconds.

Being prepared for attrition can save thousands of dollars in onboarding costs, payroll, and lost revenue. More importantly, keeping top performers happy and engaged, and coaching lower performers, can help prevent people from leaving.

Prodoscore gives leaders an opportunity to visualize engagement in just a few seconds

Why Prodoscore?

Employee Retention

  • Analyze daily activity to make sure employees are on track for success and provide coaching when necessary
  • Tackle a lack of productivity head on to make sure the employee is still interested and willing to put in the work
  • Speed up the exit of employees who are not engaged
  • Keep top performers happy and engaged to ensure they stick around
  • Let employees know their hard work isn’t going unnoticed
  • Better prepare for performance reviews with quantitative metrics around productivity
  • Understand capacity limits of employees so they don’t get overwhelmed or burnt out

Knowing when employees are engaged and when they’re checked out can mean significant cost savings. Use data to mitigate surprise resignations and step in before it’s too late.