Improve Performance & Productivity Trends

How it Works

Why guess? With visibility into daily activity, leaders can better understand performance and productivity trends over time, using quantitative and qualitative data, to better predict outcomes.

Data Driven Performance Management

Using data to drive decisions around workforce planning, training, coaching, and employee growth allows organizations to provide managers with unbiased insights. Qualified data presents an objective measurement and true viewpoint of employee contributions.

By aggregating data across all cloud business tools and generating a simple score, Prodoscore supplies leadership with a clear understanding of productivity in the form of actionable analytics. This is accomplished with flexible work hours, work locations, and worker designations; full time, part time, contractor, consultant. That data indicates future success and allows leaders to gauge progress regularly, offer guidance where needed, and plan for more predictable outcomes. Employees benefit from these growth metrics with more consistent feedback that drives performance.

Prodoscore outlines how employees work, not just what they produce.

Improve Revenue Results

Why Prodoscore?

Areas of Opportunity

  • View & compare employee scores over various periods of time to identify trends and areas for improvement
  • Encourage healthy competition among employees, when desired
  • Provide guidance and growth occasion before employees miss their performance goals
  • Create transparency between employees and managers about workload, daily activity and balance
  • Keep employees engaged by implementing a tool that delivers objectivity and fairness with visibility to individual and team productivity
  • Find informed ways to work smarter, more efficiently and deliver better outcomes on a daily basis

Combining data with soft skills makes each individual and team stronger when growth opportunities for employees and organizations as a whole are highlighted. Prodoscore delivers this vital information and result without getting in the way of employee efficiency.