Increase ROI with Cloud-Based Business App Adoption

How it Works

Ever wonder if those expensive business applications are getting dusty? Unfortunately, we hear time and time again that software licenses go unused.

Using Your Productivity Tech Stack

We know that productivity software like your Office Suite, CRM, and integrated VoIP phone system represent a significant investment. But, purchasing those solutions is only the first step. When monitored, staff are more likely to utilize the required solutions in a way that makes sense for your business.

With Prodoscore, leaders can gauge usage and create accountability so you can be confident that your investment in key software applications will pay off.

Looking at UCaaS as an example, we’ve seen increases in adoption between 125% and 303% within 90 days of implementing Prodoscore.

Increase usage of cloud tools

Why Prodoscore?

Cloud App Adoption

  • Employees often struggle with adopting new systems and workflows, or simply prefer their own processes. Prodoscore not only holds them accountable to company process through visibility, but also highlights where activity is lacking.
  • By tracking activity in key applications like Google Workspce, Microsoft 365, CRM, UCaaS, and much more, Prodoscore makes those cloud-based business applications more valuable.
  • Data from all those systems is aggregated into one easy to use dashboard, creating a visual representation of productivity, so managers are not toggling between systems to gauge productivity, and employees have a comprehensive view of their work.
  • Managers can set up activity alerts so they know right away when a particular software solution is going unused.

Providing software that helps keep teams organized and aligned is critical for business development. Combined with visibility, usage increases and those solutions can truly impact performance. And, employees who use the software available to them tend to generate better results – a win-win.