Prodoscore makes it easy for businesses to measure their most valuable asset: their people

Actionable insights from Prodoscore create visibility into daily engagement, empower employee flexibility, and ensure accountability. The result? Better informed leadership and engaged employees – a win-win.

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The number of productive hours an employee works is unrelated to when and where they work – in other words, butts in seats does not mean productivity or performance.

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Flexibility can make or break your business. Giving employees the freedom to work in a way that makes sense for them results in higher performance, better engagement, and lower attrition.

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It’s only a matter of time before your top performers burnout and decide to make a change. You can intervene before it’s too late.

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Employees need flexibility and many will leave jobs that don’t offer it. Employers need accountability to build trust. Visibility satisfies both needs.

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A lack of visibility can lead to bad outcomes – think wasteful spending, decreased morale, and poor performance, to name a few. But with a clear understanding of how employees are working each day, you gain insight into their level of engagement, what’s working and what’s not, who’s at risk of burning out, are there superstars you’re not adequately rewarding?

Consider what you could accomplish by understanding the behavior patterns that lead to success and those that fall short.

Research shows that 10% of the workforce spends less than 2 hours per day doing productive work. What will you uncover?

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According to a global survey, over 30% of employees expect to work remotely permanently and more than 50% will be remote through the end of 2021 at a minimum. Plus, 1 in 3 people will leave a job that does not support a flexible work schedule. A hybrid approach is the future of work. The data shows that being physically present does not mean being productive. So, do things like hours and location really need to be so narrowly defined? Not when leadership has visibility.

With unbiased insights into daily engagement based on qualified data, leaders can make decisions based on fair and objective measurements. Key indicators can help drive recommendations around workforce planning, training, coaching, and employee growth, and build confidence in leadership about employee contributions.

Happy employees are more engaged, more proactive, and more successful. Give the people what they want.

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But, you can’t have freedom without accountability.

We measure everything in business – IT spend, office equipment utilization, payroll dollars, travel expenses…so, why aren’t we measuring our people? We ask employees to submit receipts with their expense reports. Shouldn’t they be held to the same level of accountability for their daily contributions?

For every business, a time comes when tough decisions need to be made. But, how do you know who needs to be coached up and who needs to be coached out?

The research says that there’s a significant change in behavior for employees likely to leave an organization around 12 weeks prior to their departure. Their workday starts later and ends earlier, they send fewer emails, take part in fewer meetings, and have less peer-to-peer collaboration. While none of this sounds surprising, it’s impossible to know any of it without visibility. How much could your organization save by mitigating surprise resignations, or at least preparing for them?