Enable & Manage Remote Teams

Video: Why it Matters

Wondering what team members do when you’re not watching? Don’t waste time worrying about productivity, no matter where they (or you) are.

Build Trust Across Remote Teams

It’s no secret, times are changing. And changing times, call for changing strategies.  Companies are expected to stay competitive and maintain or expand market share while also implementing new processes, like the flexibility to work remotely. But don’t fret, research suggests that remote employees are often more productive and happier – and we agree. Plus, a remote workforce saves you a great deal of money on office space.

With Prodoscore, you can give your teams the freedom to work from wherever they’re most productive. That means better results for you, and happier/more engaged employees.


Make Remote Work Work

  • Whether your sales reps are at home, in an office, or on the go, gain insight into whether or not work is being done
  • When remote staff are not being productive, be proactive about making improvements
  • Create transparency across all of your existing business tools so you never have to wonder what employees are doing throughout the workday
  • Build trust and ensure accountability through visibility and transparency

The benefits of a remote workforce are many, from cost saving opportunities, to employee satisfaction, to productivity.  Don’t let a lack of visibility into daily activity prevent the potential gains of going remote.