Help Good Employees Do Better With EPM

There are great employees, there are difficult employees, and then there are those who quietly do their work and keep their team on track. These reliable performers may not be the stand-out stars of your organization but they’re steady workers who can be trusted to do a good job. 

But what if they could do better? What’s holding your good employees back from being great employees?

Deploy Employee Productivity Monitoring for Data-Driven Support

Before managers can answer the above question, they need visibility. Without data about how your employees work, you are missing critical information, and you can’t give them the tools, help and support they need to do better.

With Prodoscore, managers can use data gathered in real-time to focus on the following core areas, addressing key aspects of performance to motivate and support mid-level employees who need that extra attention.

1. Will Versus Skill

Prodoscore is an unobtrusive employee data-gathering platform that tracks how your employees use core business applications such as your company’s ATS or CRM, phone system, project management platform, chat tools, etc. This in-depth activity analysis focuses on key areas like work habits, cloud tool adoption, and collaboration - giving managers insight into behavioral patterns that help them identify employees who are putting in the effort but may need some help.

Tracking productivity in this way allows managers to determine if the issue is a will or skill issue i.e., whether your employee is motivated but lacking the right skills or whether they have the skills but are not putting them to good use. 

With the data at their fingertips, managers can readily spot and close training gaps, seeing who on their team is the right candidate for further investment in career development.

2. Job Satisfaction and Employee Motivation

Study after study shows that happy employees are productive employees. Dissatisfaction and demotivation are productivity killers and can hold your employees back from reaching their full potential.

Informed leadership can help. Prodoscore takes the guesswork out of managing teams by providing unbiased data about employee engagement. With insight into productivity trends over time, leaders gain access to actionable insights that can indicate if an employee is headed for burnout, feeling overwhelmed, or has simply become disengaged.

Armed with that information, managers can step in to address the situation promptly, before it worsens. Your good employees may be reticent to speak up and share what they need but Prodoscore does it for them, enabling responsive leadership that addresses issues quickly and effectively. 

This focus on transparency and accountability shows employees that their needs are being seen and addressed. It’s easy, especially on remote teams, for some workers to become overburdened while others fail to pick up the slack. With Prodoscore, managers can be sure they’re allocating work fairly and monitoring workloads without micromanaging.

3. Empowering Employees

Your good employees need to be nurtured and rewarded to become great employees. EPM provides a data-backed foundation from which to do that, empowering workers to succeed with a tailored approach to training and support that meets their specific needs.

This, in turn, helps elevate your entire team, providing a blueprint for productivity that drives optimal performance. Contact our team today to find out more about how Prodoscore can transform the way your team works, or schedule a demonstration to see the software in action.

How will visibility impact your business?