How EPM Can Prepare Your Organization for Rapid Change

Change is inevitable, and businesses have to be ready for it. Those that aren’t will be edged out by their more forward-looking competitors who are nimble enough to pivot when necessary.

Economic shocks, supply chain disruption, geopolitical upheaval, cyberattacks - there will always be crises to overcome and headwinds to navigate. Some changes are unpredictable, but organizations that are accustomed to adaptation and innovation will be better prepared for unforeseen challenges. Lay the groundwork now and your company will have a firm foundation from which to ride out tough times.

Developing a business continuity plan

A business continuity plan dictates how your organization will continue to operate in the event of a major change like an unexpected event that disrupts operations, the departure of key team members, major market changes, and supply chain issues. 

These plans outline how the business will adapt to those changes and overcome adversity, how employees will continue to work in a productive manner, what technology will be used to enable their productivity, and how the business will go about restoring its affected processes and systems once the initial impact of the changes has subsided.

In order for your business continuity plan to be effective and withstand shocks, it should take all critical aspects of your business into account. Start by working through the following considerations:

  • What potential changes/challenges exist that could threaten your business?
  • How will critical systems and processes be affected - where are their vulnerabilities and how can you close these gaps?  
  • What are the “must-haves” for your business to stay operational in the event of a crisis? What can be spared if necessary?
  • Where will you and your employees work from if the office is no longer an option? What technology solutions will be needed to facilitate that shift?
  • Are staff trained to respond to a crisis and perform emergency tasks if needed? 

It’s important to engage all teams and departments when creating your business continuity plan, making sure everyone has a chance to provide feedback and knows all the outlined procedures in case of a worst case scenario situation.

The role of EPM

Employee Productivity Monitoring (EPM) is a valuable tool to help businesses ride out any disruption to their operations by giving managers a way to keep track of teams, wherever they’re located.

Employee productivity tracker Prodoscore provides visibility into how employees interact with cloud-based business applications so leaders can see when and how they’re working. Ideal for remote workers and hybrid teams, the innovative software is an unobtrusive way to ensure everyone is performing as expected and has the tools they need.

In a crisis, your staff may be forced to stay at home, move offices, or change roles. Without effective supervision, a lot of vital tasks can fall through the cracks. WIth Prodoscore, managers know they won’t miss a thing. It doesn’t matter if your employee is on the road, logging in from their personal device, or at a laptop in their home office - you’ll have a clear line of sight into their professional activity on a daily basis.

Companies who adopt EPM have a ready pool of actionable data about how their employees work - something that will prove invaluable when they need to quickly pivot. Managers who know their team’s rhythms and processes are better able to guide them in times of crisis, using that data to spot performance dips, prevent burnout, and delegate work more effectively. 

Prodoscore is the world’s leading provider of productivity intelligence, giving employers and managers visibility into the productivity of employees based on activity within your favorite workplace tools like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Slack,, Salesforce, Zoho CRM, and many more. 

To find out more about how Prodoscore can help make your organization more resilient to change, contact us for a demonstration today and for more information on how to better navigate change management, download our ebook ‘Driving Transformation: A Guide to Technology Investment and Change Management

How will visibility impact your business?