How the Public Sector is Leveraging the Power of APIs - and What That Means for Your Business

Public sector entities are often generalized as being behind the times, but new data shows that generalization is a thing of the past. When it comes to integrating APIs into their organizational IT needs, they’re ahead of the game according to a new report.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are software interfaces which allow different apps and programs to integrate with each other. Their use is crucial in ensuring smooth data flow and interoperability between applications. 

Google Cloud’s 2022 State of APIs in the Public Sector report reveals that public sector IT leaders aren’t just keeping up with their private sector counterparts, they’re surpassing them - leveraging the potential of this innovative technology to improve user experience and drive innovation.

The majority of those that have embraced APIs are operating them in-house, according to Google which found that 86% of public sector organizations either centrally manage their API programs or build them with teams and manage them through a center of excellence.

This is part of a growing ‘API-first’ approach as institutions look to improve efficiency and productivity.

Why APIs?

Efficiency is the holy grail of public sector bodies who face tightening budgets and high levels of scrutiny about where those budgets are being spent. Against this backdrop of economic pressure, it’s no surprise that public sector IT departments are turning to APIs to streamline development and therefore save them time and money.

Respondents to Google’s survey indicated that APIs helped them build better digital services and modernize their applications which, in turn, helped deliver real-world benefits to the general public. 75% of those surveyed said APIs helped them become more efficient while 59% said APIs improved customer service and/or developer productivity.

Most API developer programs in the public sector focus on security, performance analytics, and governance. As organizations move to prioritize their digital transformation efforts, use of APIs will become even more important - nearly half of the survey respondents expect to use more API analytics over the next 12 months.

Harness the power of APIs with Prodoscore

Productivity isn’t just for the public sector. Private companies are equally invested in maximizing their workflows and have just as much to gain from the adoption of APIs in terms of efficiency savings.

Employee Productivity Monitoring software, Prodoscore, uses API-based monitoring to unobtrusively keep track of how teams are engaged, helping managers identify performance dips, bottlenecks, and areas of improvement.

The platform uses APIs to connect with your company’s cloud-based tools, gathering data about how employees interact with business applications throughout the day. This information is collected and categorized, giving both individuals and teams an overall productivity score that can be used to gauge trends over time. 

With this information readily available at their fingertips, managers can make data-driven decisions about how best to use their resources, improve workflows, and motivate their teams.

Using Prodoscore is easy. The user-friendly interface is a central dashboard from which users can view scores and navigate visuals that display the range of quantitative, qualitative, and behavioral data collected.

Prodoscore uses APIs to securely pull data from multiple sources while ensuring your company retains full control over the software and complies with data privacy requirements. The cutting-edge technology can help transform the way your team works, contact us today for a demonstration or to find out more.

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