How to Better Understand Productivity and Drive Results

Privacy is a major cause for concern for millions of people, especially when it comes to the workplace. Nobody wants to feel like they’re constantly being monitored and surveilled by their employers, acting as a Big Brother figure - especially if your line of work just doesn’t warrant that kind of access. Too often, employee monitoring solutions are used for this exact purpose, giving managers the ability to view screenshots of their team members at work, and even capturing screen recordings of what they’re doing. While these solutions absolutely have their place in highly sensitive industries like government agencies, for example, they’re not the only option for other businesses that want to better understand productivity without being invasive. 

The use of employee monitoring tools can sometimes serve to alienate employees, giving them little reason to feel like a trusted member of the team and keeping them on edge. Businesses that don’t actually need monitoring tools should look beyond them and consider a more attractive alternative - a solution that allows employers to gain insight into employee productivity without sacrificing employee privacy. Prodoscore is that solution, offering businesses a better way to understand productivity, identify opportunities for coaching, improve cloud tool adoption, increase employee retention, and help to streamline the employee experience overall. 

How monitoring tools can be harmful to employee morale

For years now, many businesses have chosen to use monitoring software to identify how their employees are spending their time, find bottlenecks that might not have been visible previously, reduce time theft, track billable hours, and ensure that standards and policies are being adhered to by employees. These tools absolutely have their place and can be very beneficial when used properly. That said, they are not always necessary (especially for many small and medium-sized businesses), but they’re too easy to misuse - by both management and employees. Management may use them to micromanage, and employees may find ways to “game” them so they look more productive than they are. Prodoscore protects against both misuses. 

Employee monitoring can make your employees feel like they aren’t trusted and can violate their privacy, greatly affecting morale and increasing the chances that quality and quantity of work is negatively impacted, and in some cases, could even increase the chances of workers seeking employment elsewhere. The issue of data privacy has been on the minds of many over the last few years, and the use of monitoring tools has only furthered these discussions - how much data do employers have access to, and what happens to it once it’s been gathered? These questions can be troubling to employees, especially since this kind of information can be easily exploited in the event of a data breach or data falling into the wrong hands.

Employers should know that they’re not restricted to using employee monitoring tools. In cases where invasive tools aren’t necessary for the line of work, productivity intelligence solutions offer the same benefits without the risk of alienating employees and creating additional stress.

How Prodoscore is different than other employee monitoring tools

Prodoscore is a productivity intelligence tool that measures usage of key business applications non-invasively, eliminating the possibility of data abuse and offering a transparent alternative to employee monitoring solutions. Prodoscore gathers employee productivity data from tools like Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365, DocuSign, Salesforce, Zoho, MS Teams, SugarCRM, HubSpot,, Slack, RingCentral, and Vonage among others.

This information generates a simple productivity score for each employee, which can be used to compare employee performance across teams as well as the organization as a whole. Managers are given an easy-to-use dashboard, which offers instant visibility into various aspects of employee productivity. Prodoscore can be used as a coaching tool, to better understand the behaviors that drive success, and to guide lower performers, as well as to improve performance using concrete data.

Productivity intelligence can also be used by businesses looking to improve tool adoption, allowing managers to view which tools are being used to their fullest potential, which ones could be abandoned due to a lack of engagement, and where to focus employee training in order to drive adoption. Data also serves as a measure of employee engagement, allowing you to identify when employees might be reaching their limit in terms of workload capacity, who might be experiencing stress that is affecting productivity, and identify top performing employees that should be recognized in order to maintain morale and engagement.

Since Prodoscore is a non-invasive employee productivity tracking solution, employees won’t feel like they’re constantly being monitored by Big Brother. No unnecessary data is collected, no screenshots taken, and no videos captured - Prodoscore is the ideal way to focus on improving results without alienating employees who are already worried about privacy and security. Prodoscore has no impact on its end users, can be set up in minutes, and leverages the highest levels of cloud security to protect employee data.

Gaining visibility into employee productivity doesn’t have to be intrusive, especially when the situation doesn’t warrant it. “Big Brother” employee monitoring solutions can be harmful to employee productivity and leave data open for exploitation should it fall into the wrong hands. Instead, businesses should explore Prodoscore, which offers near real-time productivity intelligence that drives employee performance, improves retention and cloud tool adoption, and ultimately fosters growth for your business and its teams. Contact us today for a demonstration of how it works. 

How will visibility impact your business?