Prodoscore Highlighted in 30 Tips for Managing Remote Employees

We're excited to share that Crisantos Hajibrahim, Chief Product Evangelist at Prodoscore, was featured on FitSmallBusiness's 30 Tips for Managing Remote Employees.

Hiring remote employees means giving your business access to more talent by removing location restrictions. But remote working also requires a major adjustment to your company culture in order for you to see the positive results. Prodoscore was included with other experts to share tips for managing remote teams that improve your company’s overall performance.

Below is our top tip:

Create Weekly Group Goals

Employee management is all about establishing relationships that build trust. The growing popularity of remote working, however, has created a new challenge with building trust as it is no longer possible to physically walk down the hall and engage with an employee in person. I have had success in managing my remote team by establishing shared productivity metrics on a weekly basis. These goals are easy to track and are visible to everyone on my team. This transparency and visibility has helped my team feel more connected ― and has resulted in more trust between the team that we are all working hard to accomplish our shared objectives.

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