Prodoscore Interviewed by Superb Crew

Superb crew recently sat down with Harpreet Bhui, Vice President, Product at Prodoscore to talk about the tech behind Prodoscore, how we calculate productivity, what makes us stand out against our competitors, and plans for the future.

Below is a short except from the interview. We recommend reading the whole thing.

"Q: Tell us more about the technology behind Prodoscore?

A: Prodoscore uses our Prediction Algorithm to bring in data from all the places you work: G Suite, CRM, VoIP system, etc. Then we apply Google’s Machine Learning on our data set to understand patterns related to employee productivity.

Traditional scoring and analytics methods depend on a manager to call/meet/manually gather data points in order to review employee performance as well as intangible sources of inputs and the need to manually create data points to understand employee performance. Teams are limited with no systematic way to rank employee performance within organization, roles, or teams."

How will visibility impact your business?