Use Data Analytics To Create Your Own Blueprint For Success

Quantifying productivity used to be hard. With the right metrics, it’s easy. Create your own blueprint for success by using productivity and engagement data. From understanding how high performers spend their days to visualizing how teams utilize different cloud tools, there are a number of valuable insights that can inform decision making and pinpoint opportunities for improvement.

What Insights Can You Get From Prodoscore?

Prodoscore is a data intelligence solution that surfaces a variety of productivity-related data points and presents them in easy-to-understand visualizations. The comprehensive approach allows organizations to move beyond surface-level assessments and better understand how time is allocated, tasks are prioritized, and collaboration unfolds within the workforce. The simple dashboards and reports provide visualizations that otherwise would not be available or exist in disparate systems, making the data difficult to consume and act on.

Activity data is captured in Prodoscore from cloud tools like: 

  • Phone systems
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 
  • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 
  • Chat tools
  • and many more (learn about our integrations here)

Data capture is non-invasive as it runs in the background and is not installed on a computer.  And, there is nothing for the employee to switch on or off. Once installed, Prodoscore pulls data via API from various cloud tools. See our blog about why an API/cloud-based approach is the best way to collect analytics.

How To Constructively Use Data Insights

When it comes to data, actionability is critical. At the same time, it’s important to consider a holistic view - there are often a number of data points to consider, and we can’t deny the human element. 

Considering the volume of data available to us today, we must also resist the urge to send one-off remarks and questions. A knee-jerk reaction to one item is not smart business. Here’s how a smarter approach might look in practice:

While evaluating data, John notices that the sales team’s use of its CRM dropped off significantly for a two-week period. Instead of panicking, John checked the team’s calendar and noticed that 6 of 10 employees were at a conference during that time. He also noticed that two team members  were brand new and not yet fully onboarded So, in lieu of reprimanding the entire sales team for not getting CRM tasks in, he followed up on the new hire onboarding. 

There is a strong temptation to hunt for problems when reviewing data. While there’s nothing wrong with being proactive, it is better to assign a higher priority to trends than individual events. The value of data comes from understanding trends over time. It’s not about a singular event. For example, if Leslie was not using her email significantly for a few days, a deeper dive will find that she was working on a major project and that her email use tracks well for the rest of the month. In this case, the avoidance of email for a few days can look like a problem when it was actually an employee being very productive. 

Once you’ve identified the trends you want to address and reward, consider any unique nuances, and then address the critical observations. Ideally, your learnings should inform recommendations and improvements that will ultimately be trackable down the line.

To address specific items about individual people, schedule one-on-one meetings with them. Group-level findings should be shared with the whole team at once.

Creating A Blueprint For Success

Prodoscore insights serve as a cornerstone for actionable steps and unbiased decision-making. The solution transcends mere numerical data by offering qualitative evaluations that shed light on the behaviors and tactics of top-performing individuals and teams, providing a roadmap for success

Through diligent monitoring and analysis of the daily activities of high achievers, organizations can discern patterns of efficiency, adept time management, and effective collaboration strategies that contribute to exceptional results. 

Consequently, identifying these best practices and establishing benchmarks enables their replication throughout the workforce, fostering enhanced overall performance and facilitating more informed decision-making. Even more, Prodoscore allows your staff to individually track their own performance, so they can benchmark themselves against their own contributions as well as those of their peers. 

The usefulness of data insights penetrates into multiple areas of your business. Consider the value of understanding people for HR, visualizing tool utilization for IT, and making objective, metrics-driven decisions for the C-suite.

Prodoscore brings accountability to every level of the organization so you can reward and learn from the success of your people and teams. Contact us for a demonstration!

How will visibility impact your business?