Productivity Plus Security – How Prodoscore Defends Your Productivity Intelligence Data

New software can often be a huge headache for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), compliance personnel, and IT departments. Those teams are responsible for ensuring that data is secure and the potential for leaks, hacks and other serious breaches is mitigated. Companies need tools they can trust. 

This is especially important when it comes to productivity intelligence, a software solution that collects, monitors and manages employee data. A rock solid cybersecurity framework that doesn't compromise data privacy while analyzing company activity is a requirement. Our productivity intelligence solution, Prodoscore, is that tool. The multi-layered platform gives you unparalleled insight into your cloud workspace while meeting industry-leading cloud security standards.

But don't take our word for it – as one of the most popular applications on the market, Prodoscore has been extensively audited by clients, all of whom have put its defenses to the test and approved its rigorous privacy protocols and easy implementation.

Cybersecurity protocols

The Prodoscore platform is a complex application that involves many layers of protection to wall away your data from prying eyes. It operates on a highly reliable, distributed framework through which all data is encrypted, stored and managed by the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Encrypted data – Prodoscore doesn't view your private information or passwords, it only accesses data upon request from an authorized administrator. That data is stored in the cloud and encrypted using protocols such as HTTPS, SSL and TLS. This means it's locked away from employees and only accessible after mutual authentication requirements, including the Google Cloud Key Management System, are met.

Integrated authentication – Your company likely already has a myriad of security protocols in place. Prodoscore seamlessly integrates with these so there's zero disruption to your data protection procedures. The software provides both Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) so whether you're using Google Suite or Azure AD, Prodoscore works within your existing structure so you can keep using the tools you're familiar with.

Safe storage – Data is encrypted before it passes to the GCP for safekeeping. Once there, this information is categorized into blocks and further secured with one of the most sophisticated ciphers available, AES-256 encryption.

Secure data recovery – Prodoscore safely tucks away your company information in Google's armory, but it still needs to be accessible to the right people. With the Prodoscore platform, you control your data, deciding what to retain and what to export. This keeps your compliance obligations such as GDPR and Privacy Shield, in order, while giving you the ability to prioritize sensitive material.

The Prodoscore guarantee

Prodoscore merges your team's real-time information into a central dashboard where you can view daily activities, see employee productivity scores and identify areas of opportunity. While keeping your staff accountable and engaged in this way does require a deep dive into the data, it doesn't mean leaving that data unprotected and vulnerable.

Prodoscore was built with security in mind, and that's why it places such a strong emphasis on confidentiality and privacy.  

Fully compliant with the highest industry standards, easily integrated and backed by Google’s cloud capabilities, it’s the most trustworthy productivity application available. Contact our team today to see how you can gain both peace of mind and enhanced productivity.

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