What is Prodoscore?

Prodoscore™ is cloud-based software that calculates your employee Productivity Score™ based on assessing their performance and time spent in your Office Suite applications like email, calendar, docs and chat, and other tools such as your CRM and phone system.

Why did my company install Prodoscore?

1. Prodoscore is a great coaching tool

Managers can have quantitative data on what makes a productive employee. They can use this information to guide their employees in the right direction. It is a great way to uncover coaching opportunities for 1-on-1s. It is a great tool used in a positive fashion to highlight excellent activity and scoring to reward those putting in the correct activity volumes.

Employees can login at any time. The software will show reps where they stack and provides feedback on why their peers are top ranked. Example: 1.3x more email, 2x more phone systems. Given that higher scores correlate to more revenue, they learn where to focus and which activities to do more.

2. Prodoscore will help drive the adoption of and improve the ROI on your organization’s cloud-based tools such as G Suite, phone systems, and CRM systems.

Given the score is driven off of using the valuable tools employers provide them, Prodoscore leads to the adoption of your CRM tools, phone systems and other business apps. This drives higher score and more information for the manager. The integration will be great to verify if reps are using these tools and to help with coaching, if need be.

3. Prodoscore helps give employees the flexibility to work remotely by increasing remote worker productivity.

Prodoscore does not only give employees the option to have a more flexible work environment but it also helps managers to effectively manage the employee based on their individual productivity patterns for maximum output and work satisfaction. In some use cases, remote employees were more efficient than in the office, but in other scenarios less productive.

4. Prodoscore is a gamification tool - Prodoscore helps drive competition between sales reps.

Reps receive either a daily or weekly email of their daily score of performance which is then stack ranked against peers. It's a great motivational driver among their peers, especially the competitive ones! Customers have said that "countless times when the email would go out in the morning, we would hear reps gloating over their scores and where they ranked accordingly."

How can I become a top performer?

  1. Be sure to log any communication with customers into your CRM system.
  2. Use Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets for notes and documentation.
  3. Create presentations using Google Slides.
  4. If you are away from your desk phone and need to make a work related phone call be sure to use the mobile connect app on your cell phone.
  5. Ask your manager what method of communication is the most important for your organization- phone calls vs. email.
  6. Make sure all of your business tools are synced, for example you can install a tool to sync your Gmail to your CRM system or phone system to your CRM system.
  7. Be sure to accept the calendar invites for meetings you attend. You will not be given credit for calendar invites that did not get accepted.

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