Why Operations Leaders Need Employee Productivity Monitoring Software

Your company’s data is one of its greatest assets, providing the all-important numbers needed to find efficiencies, maximize resources, and boost productivity.

The operations team is made up of people crunching those numbers, using them to make critical decisions and streamline digital transformation across your entire organization. But they can’t do it alone. Operations leaders need tools that give them actionable insights to enable smart decisions.

Measuring people, process and performance

It’s easy to get lost in the data, going granular to understand business processes, but in the search to amplify performance and streamline growth it’s important not to forget one key aspect of the workplace - its people.

If you don’t have a pulse on how employees are engaged each day, you’re not getting a complete picture of how your organization functions, and where it can do better. Employee productivity monitoring (EPM) solutions fill that gap, providing a window into how your team is interacting with cloud-based business  tools such as the office suite, CRM, messaging apps, and more, in order to enhance productivity and overall performance 

The cloud based EPM software is easy to install, requires minimal training, and can be up and running within minutes. By narrowing the focus to core business applications, Prodoscore ensures that employee privacy is protected while giving operations staff valuable information about employee activity in real-time - all from a single, easy to use, dashboard.

The daily productivity tracker is ready right out of the box, integrating seamlessly with common office applications such as Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 as well as third-party platforms like QuickBooks, Zoho, Salesforce, Slack, Dropbox, and many more.

The role of Operations is to strive for excellence with execution and process improvements - implementing strategies and policies to drive company growth. In order to plan, organize, and strategize daily operations, those leaders need quality data.

Four ways Prodoscore helps optimize operations

Prodoscore has helped hundreds of leaders refine and reimagine their processes, with scaleable results. From law firms to tech companies, and manufacturers to business consultancies, our satisfied customers come from a wide range of industries and sectors.

These clients chose Prodoscore for a number of reasons, including:

1. Enabling remote teams

With Prodoscore, companies can confidently track and measure the engagement of remote teams, helping them provide the flexibility that employees require. As more workers favor remote or hybrid options, companies need to stay flexible to attract and retain talent. Prodoscore can help them provide those options and stay competitive in the tight job market. 

An added benefit of a remote or hybrid workplace is the cost savings opportunity - saving on commercial real estate, insurance, and building maintenance for example.

2. Reduced labor expenses & improved profitability

Employee compensation and expenses are top of mind in any discussions about operational cost reduction. Prodoscore can help by providing quantified and qualified information about employee productivity that helps ops managers hone in on who may be burning out and ready to leave, who is not putting in the effort, or where there may be gaps in training. 

The platform also gives managers insight into how company tools are being used, data that helps them build a leaner, more cost-effective tech stack. Over time, this focus on reducing operational costs and improving employee performance ultimately leads to higher profitability.

3. Actionable employee insights

The daily insights provided by Prodoscore allow managers to spot dips in performance and patterns of behavior, which can be used to kickstart useful conversations with employees. Identifying staff members who are struggling highlights opportunities for coaching, mentoring and/or training, as well as helping to create a company culture that encourages feedback and growth. 

4. Streamlined employee oversight

Employees want flexibility, managers want accountability. Prodoscore delivers both, making it ideal for remote and hybrid teams. Prodoscore gives senior executives peace of mind that their distributed workforce is engaged and contributing, regardless of their position, location or schedule. 

Prodoscore is a gamechanger for operations teams of all sizes and sectors, helping them make the most of their data to develop transformative business intelligence strategies. Discover how Prodoscore can boost your organization’s efficiency and productivity, contact our team today.

How will visibility impact your business?