Your Tech Stack is Causing Data Silos — What You Can Do About It

As work evolves, technology has always risen to meet its challenges - providing us endless ways of doing things faster and more efficiently. But there’s a tipping point. More tech means more digital clutter and that often translates into a haphazard tech stack that creates data silos.

Data silos arise when information accumulates within a single department or application where it’s only accessible to a limited number of people. They’re especially common in large organizations with disparate departments where teams tend to work independently, using their own software solutions. 

This kind of isolated task management hinders cross-departmental collaboration and communication. 82% of enterprises are inhibited by data silos, according to research from analysts Forrester Consulting. The same study shows that 80% of organizations find managing data and insight sharing across their business moderately to extremely challenging.

Why data sharing matters

Office environments have undergone a huge shift in the last few years, with many now  embracing remote or hybrid working models. 

That shift has driven a corresponding transformation in technology as businesses increase the investment in digital tools to keep up with their changing needs. 56% of organizations reported an increase in software spend in 2022, and more than half expect those budgets to increase further this year. 

Hoarding rather than sharing data gives leaders an incomplete and inaccurate picture of what’s happening in their organization. It also compromises overall productivity by slowing down internal processes, making it more difficult to track performance, and blocking managers from seeing where they can make vital improvements. 

Organizations that promote data sharing outperform their peers on most business metrics, according to Gartner analysts who say data sharing is a ‘business necessity’ to drive digital acceleration and optimize performance.

However, the solution is not getting rid of data silos. They do exist for a reason. Different departments require different software solutions, and solutions that promote a free flow of data across the organization are virtually non-existent. The key for managers is to be able to understand utilization across those departments, visualize the data in a simple tool, and eliminate solutions that have very limited use.

Data visualization

Sprawling tech stacks give data plenty of places to hide. And that means managers will need more tools themselves to keep an eye on what’s happening where. Instead of investing in yet more tech, it makes sense to draw everything together into one dashboard that integrates with existing systems.

Employee Productivity Monitoring solution Prodoscore isn’t just a productivity tracker app, it’s also a powerful data visualization tool. The software seamlessly integrates with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 as well as  an extensive range of common office applications such as Salesforce, Zoho, QuickBooks, Slack, DropBox, and so many more. 

With Prodoscore, managers can compile and categorize data in a way that makes sense - bringing various data points together within a single application and easily viewing them from a central dashboard. The platform offers real-time visibility into when and how your team is using their tools, across departments, applications, and projects. This not only gives managers a one-stop shop to see how their team is using software, but this data can also be used by your IT department to determine which solutions may have limited use, which allows them to make decisions about which items in your tech stack can be eliminated or where licenses could be scaled back. 

The cloud based employee monitoring software gives management complete transparency via its all-in-one productivity management dashboard. This doesn’t just help managers improve productivity by identifying roadblocks and performance dips. It’s also a robust decision-making tool - helping leaders drill down on which aspects of their organization’s tech stack are most effective and which can be eliminated. 

To find out more about how Prodoscore can transform the way you collect, view, and use your organization’s data, talk to our team today and schedule a demonstration to see the software in action.

How will visibility impact your business?