Low Productivity Throughput Calculator

How much money are you losing on low productivity?

Prodoscore data reveals 3 groups of employee productivity within organizations – low, average, and high
Low productivity employees typically contribute ~20% of an 8-hour workday
We’ve made it really easy for you to gauge how much you could be losing from a lack of productivity. Plug in your numbers in the calculator table and let’s chat if you’d like to learn more about how Prodoscore can help you better understand, and act on, employee productivity.

Low Productivity

Average Productivity

High Productivity

Estimated number of low productivity employees Approx. 11% of employees fall into the low productivity bucket
16.5 employees

A third party research team found that, for the low productivity employees, more than 80% of an eight-hour workday is unaccounted for “gap time.” In other words, those employees are contributing about 20% of the day, which means that means 80% of their annual salary is going to waste.

How much money could you be leaving on the table?

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