Prodoscore Integration for
Google Workspace

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Prodoscore connects to your organization’s Google Workspace account to capture activity within the various Google Suite tools.  Each member’s productivity score for the day will include Workspace activity.  Compare trends over time by selecting various date ranges at the top left of the page. The default range is one week. 



Clicking on a specific day from the chart, will show the different Google Workspace activities completed for that day, which includes time spent in Google Drive, email, Meet, Hangouts, and calendar events. Clicking on one of the inputs opens a breakdown of the employee’s activities for that day.

To visualize Google Drive usage simply click the module then select a specific item to see the details of the file that was worked on.


Click Emails Sent to view a list of those emails along with the time sent. Click on a specific email to see the recipient and up to 280 characters of the email body.



Click Calendar Time to see events attended based on Google Calendar. Clicking into an event will show whether other guests confirmed attendance as well as the duration of the meeting.



Click on Chat lines to view Google Hangouts data. You’ll see a list of received and sent chat messages and the respective time the messages were exchanged. Bold messages were sent by the employee, grayed out messages were received. Received messages do not contribute to an employee’s Prodoscore. Click on any message to see who sent it.


To review Video Meetings, click on the Google Meet icon to view data. You’ll see a list of video meetings attended with their duration/timestamp along with their region.



All of this data is also visible within Work Timeline for the Day, which shows when activities took place. You can click on the timeline to get more information about a specific activity.

If there is an activity that shouldn’t be calculated as part of the Prodoscore, identify the activity in the details section, check the box to the left, then select “unflag” from the dropdown.